Kigutu Hospital & Women’s Health Pavilion

Today, 12 years after Village Health Works transformed the mountain village of Kigutu, Burundi into a fulcrum of quality, community-driven health care and education, we are in the second half of a $20 million campaign to build the Kigutu Hospital and Women's Health Pavilion.

The Women's Health Pavilion Saving Mother’s Lives

The Kigutu Hospital, Women's Health Pavilion will:

  • Save lives and reduce needless suffering.

  • Build a health care model for the country and region, raising expectations of what is possible.

  • Provide an excellent practice and training environment for Burundian clinicians, teachers, researchers, and leaders, retaining this talent in-country.

In response to the crisis facing Burundian health care, VHW is building an 85,000 square foot, 150-bed teaching hospital with 5 core services:

  • Maternity/Obstetrics – Prenatal and Postnatal Ward

  • Pediatrics – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Nursery, General and Malnutrition Wards

  • Surgery – Post-Anesthesia Care Unit and Post-operative Ward

  • Internal Medicine – Men’s and Women’s Wards

  • Emergency – 24 Hour Triage and Emergency Room

Education and Training

  • Provide training and education that will bridge the current Graduate Medical Education gap and create a platform for collaboration with national programs

  • Provide additional professional skills training for local and nationwide healthcare professionals

  • When completed, we estimate the hospital will require a staff of 213:

    • 87 Clinical (15 physicians and 72 nurses)

    • 100 Ancillary Services

    • 26 Administrative

Additional features:

  • Solar roof that will be combined with our current hydroelectric plant to provide sustainable and reliable energy for the hospital

  • Innovative waste management systems

  • Blood bank and transfusion center

  • Dietary services integrated with our on-campus agriculture and nutrition program