Hear from our principal, jean claude

Jean Claude School Director Photo 2 .jpg

When reflecting on his first two years as principal, Jean Claude Niyoyitungira echoes a Kirundi proverb: If you don’t have someone to advise you, you won’t have anyone to bury you.

He explains that because of the support VHW has provided to him, the teachers, and the school, he feels more equipped to ensure the students of Kigutu have a positive learning environment.  “Before Village Health Works, there was no one else to work together with, share knowledge with, or to help me organize the school.”  He goes on to provide a litany of successes his school is celebrating this year with the help of VHW, including the hiring of additional, highly qualified teachers, the provision of continual teacher training, a robust afterschool program, the availability of student support services including school feeding and malnutrition screenings, and a burgeoning community understanding of the importance of education. He highlights specifically the ongoing teacher professional development his teachers receive from VHW, a service he describes as virtually nonexistent in other areas of Burundi, and one he wished he could have had when he was a teacher.  “I’m proud to be a teacher in Burundi. I’m proud to be a school director. I’m proud to work with Village Health Works.”

Jean Claude, Principal of Kigutu Fundamental School at the VHW Education Program