Oscar's story

Oscar Sewing Cooperative.jpg

I have been working with the sewing cooperative for over four years now, and I credit my time with Village Health Works for helping me to get a sewing machine in order to start a business.

The profit from my sewing has enabled me to buy a solar panel for my house. Now I have electricity! I first came to Kigutu as a trainer, but while working with other members of the cooperative, I realized the importance of working together. Since then, I have been coming here every day, walking an hour to get here, because this work makes an impact in our lives. Village Health Works has really changed our lives, especially for people like me, who did not have enough farming land to sustain their families. My desire for the future is simple. I want to work hard to be able to earn at least BIF 100,000 (US $60) per month so that my family can eat three times a day instead of two.

Oscar, 40 years old