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Improving maternal and child health


Over the next three years, we will build the Women's Health Pavilion (WHP), a state-of-the art hospital to meet the specific health needs of women and children. The WHP will provide safe delivery services, emergency obstetric care, vital neonatal care, and the capacity to develop comprehensive surgical services.

The Women's Health Pavilion will include:

The Women's Health Pavilion Saving Women's Lives

  • General and specialized surgery capability  
  • 4 operating rooms
  • 120 inpatient beds     
  • Emergency obstetric and neonatal care

Why Invest in the Women's Health Pavilion?

The Women's Health Pavilion will:

  • Save lives and reduces needless suffering.

  • Build a health care model for the country and region, raising expectations of what is possible.
  • Provide an excellent practice and training environment for Burundian clinicians, teachers, researchers, and leaders, retaining this talent in-country.

Needs Assessment

Click HERE to download and learn more about the Women's Health Pavilion needs assessment.