kigutu international academy

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Educating the Next Generation of Leaders

This innovative, grade 7-12 boarding school will provide outstanding preparation in core academic subjects and build 21st century skills for graduates to be lifelong change-makers and problem solvers. The Teacher Leadership Institute will improve the skills of educators across Burundi, using Kigutu International Academy as a demonstration school.


•Provide rigorous academic preparation and build 21st century skills, such as critical thinking and entrepreneurship

•Focus on ethical leadership development and social justice

•Prepare graduates to lead locally as well as compete internationally, with pathways to universities in Africa and the US


•Informed by global best practice, yet responsive to Burundian context

•Use experiential learning and active, student-centered instruction

•Leverage technology and blended learning to meet individual needs

•Focus on English instruction, yet ensure students also proficient in French

Student Body

•Build a diverse student body from across Burundi, breaking down traditional barriers

•Identify youth with solid academic performance and leadership potential

•Compete for fee-paying students with top secondary schools and provide scholarships to serve disadvantaged youth, including from Kigutu

Faculty and Staff

•Build a diverse team that embraces a nurturing, student-centered approach

•Hire senior team from within and outside Burundi

•Recruit young English speaking fellows as mentors in dorms and classroom assistants

Community Engagement

•Leverage VHW campus for project-based learning in life sciences, the arts, agriculture and entrepreneurship

• Be a productive and sustainable school, with a school farm and renewable energy sources