ines & jeremy

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In Burundi, men do not often accompany their pregnant wives to prenatal and postnatal consultations.

Jeremy Karenzo and Inès Imaniranzi are married; they will soon have a baby. They came to Village Health Works for a prenatal consultation several months ago. Their arrival, together, was a bit surprising, because it is so rare for men to accompany their wives on visits to the doctor, especially during pregnancy.

Jeremy says that the reason he accompanied his wife to her consultation is because he loves her.  He added that he was further motivated by what he has learned from the community health workers in his area, who convinced him that accompanying his wife to these consultations is beneficial not only to her and the baby but also to himself. "I understood that it was very important for me to accompany my wife to her consultations, because the doctor can give you very useful information about the health of your couple," Jeremy explained.

At VHW’s McKenna Clinic, consultations are free - and even better for Ines and Jeremy, there is special priority given to couples who come to prenatal and postnatal consultations together, so they were seen by a doctor very soon after arriving to the clinic.  This policy encourages men to accompany their wives to pre and postnatal visits, allowing them to attend the training sessions on nutrition for pregnant women, delivery in a health center, and family planning that VHW provides. Attending these sessions often leads to important conversations within families regarding family planning and pregnancy.

Inès explained that she was very glad that her husband accompanied her, and also expressed gratefulness for the care and advice they receive whenever they come to the clinic. Jeremy encouraged other men to abandon old-fashioned mentalities and accompany their wives to prenatal and postnatal consultations, because it is really beneficial for the health of the mother and the child.

Ines & Jeremy, a model couple