Looking Forward

To truly break the cycle of poverty, we believe both health care and education must be transformed. These new initiatives will extend our impact and serve as a model for the country and region. 

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Kigutu Hospital, Women's Health Pavilion

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Improving maternal and child health

The Kigutu Hospital, Women's Health Pavilion will be a 85,000 square foot surgical and teaching hospital that will provide comprehensive OB and surgical care, introduce new medical services to Burundi, and help to train and retain the country’s medical workforce – all at a fraction of the cost of a comparable facility in the US.

The Kigutu Hospital, Women's Health Pavilion will include:

The Women's Health Pavilion Saving Women's Lives

  • General and specialized surgery capability  
  • 4 operating rooms
  • 150 inpatient beds     
  • Emergency obstetric and neonatal care

The Kigutu Hospital, Women's Health Pavilion will:

  • Save lives and reduce needless suffering.

  • Build a health care model for the country and region, raising expectations of what is possible.

  • Provide an excellent practice and training environment for Burundian clinicians, teachers, researchers, and leaders, retaining this talent in-country.

Needs Assessment

Click HERE to download and learn more about the Kigutu Hospital, Women's Health Pavilion needs assessment.

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Laying the ground work

Since 2007, Village Health Works has built an impressive amount of basic infrastructure. We installed the first electricity supply by adding a small solar field, brought in drinking water with the addition of large water tanks, and built roads, drainage, and a basic waste management system. These systems serve our 40-bed clinical facility and staff residences while benefitting the nearby community.

Future projects:

  • Wastewater treatment plant

  • Biogas recovery system

  • Paved roads throughout campus

Completed and underway projects:

  • Micro-hydroelectric plant 

  • 5 multi-family duplexes for staff and visitors

  • Campus roads and masonry 

  • Medical supplies warehouse

  • Water tanks

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kiGUTU International ACADEMY

Educating the Next Generation of Leaders

In the coming years, we aspire to create the Kigutu Academy, a model teaching institution for grades 7-12.  This innovative boarding school will provide outstanding preparation in core academic subjects and build 21st century skills for graduates to be lifelong change-makers and problem solvers. The Teacher Leadership Institute will improve the skills of educators across Burundi, using Kigutu International Academy as a demonstration school.