Global Partnership in Music

February 7-17, 2013

Kigutu, Burundi

From February 7th to 17th, 2013, Village Health Works is hosting a team of musicians from the United States and Europe* to introduce western music education to the region and to learn about Burundian drumming and dance traditions.  Filmmakers will be documenting the visit, which will end in a concert featuring virtuosos from both cultures--sometimes in joint performance--as well as the many children enrolled in the week's music classes.  The team is leaving enough recorders and percussion instruments behind to permit over 100 students and fifteen local instructors to continue these lessons.  The visit is part of Village Health Works's expanding Education Program, aimed at transforming Kigutu into a model of instructional excellence for all of Burundi.  

*Nina Stern, Reine-Marie Verhagen, Matilda Giampietro, Lynn Waickman, Wendy Steiner