Zawadi's hope for Burundian women

Zawadi Nyabenda is a 26 year old mother. She has one child and lives in Mutambara peace village. Her last name "Nyanbenda" means that she is the ninth child of her family. In 2008, two weeks after she got married, her family was repatriated in Burundi from Tanzania. She tried many times to have more children but unfortunately faced many complications.

The first time she was pregnant, she had a miscarriage. The second time, she was pregnant with twins but one of them died two hours after birth. During her third pregnancy, Zawadi suffered many complications and the baby did not survive.

In December 2014, she started to experience morning sickness so she went for prenatal care at a local health center. She learned that she was pregnant again! For several weeks everything went well until one day she woke up and couldn't feel the baby in her womb anymore and she started to panic. “I woke up at 4 am [that] morning, my husband accompanied me to Kigutu while it was still dark. After a four hour walk, we arrived at Village Health Works' (VHW) Sharon Mckenna Community Health Center. I had heard that there was a device which can see what is inside a woman’s womb in this health center.” In fact, her neighbor had mentioned that an ultrasound could be done at VHW and Zawadi was very curious to find out if her baby was still alive. This was her only chance to see what was wrong.

She received prenatal care and discovered she had a miscarriage again. Zawadi went back home healthy but saddened, knowing she would not be able to have children again. Despite the news, she was very thankful to VHW for supporting her and giving her free prenatal care and free consultations for her and her only child.

Proper health care is a real challenge for most of the women in Burundi. Click here to read how VHW's Health Care Program is fighting against health issues faced by the community on a daily basis all over South Burundi through the help of physicians, nurses and community health workers.