I dream of becoming a teacher one day...

Scoring at the top of her class, Diella knows how to count from zero to twenty in Kirundi, French and English. A dedicated student, Diella has never missed a day of school. 

"Diella loves school more than anything in her life. She has never missed a day of school!" - Diella's Mom

This year, Diella started 2nd grade at the Kigutu Primary School and is one of our best students. Students like Diella attend a VHW school with real walls, a solid roof that doesn't leak, desks, supplies, and laughter. They are taught by teachers who care about their students. As a student in a VHW school, Diella also receives clinical services that include routine check-ups twice per year and treatment including medications in the case of normal childhood illness that in the past might have been life threatening. 

"Since I started school, I have never gone home with an empty stomach. I know some young students who dropped out of other schools because they didn't have food at home and needed to work. I am lucky that Village Health Works always gives us snacks before going home too." - Diella

The food that we provide to Diella is grown on the VHW farm right on the grounds of the health center. Diella's experience is a good example of our "Virtuous Cycle" in action - saving lives and providing hope.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in Diella's life.