Patient Story – Antoinette’s Diagnosis

Antoinette Kabura is a 59 year old woman, living in Nyanza-Lac Commune. She has suffered from diabetes for ten years, but until recently she was not aware what disease she had. She was becoming weak overnight, coughing, and hungry more than usual. She decided to go to Rumonge hospital where they told her that she had diabetes. They recommended that she eat bananas and vegetables, and they gave her medication to treat her diabetes.

Nevertheless, she kept getting sick frequently because she drank tea every morning and sometimes at night with a lot of sugar. Her health continued to worsen and she was spending half her time in the hospital. Her family was preparing for the worst.

In December 2011, she went to the Village Health Works clinic for a consultation and continued going whenever necessary. Her life started changing in May 2015.

She was an inpatient and heard that a training session was being organized for diabetes patients. ”I did my best to attend the whole session even if I was week” said Antoinette. “After the session, I got a booklet which contributed, alongside with the session to changing my life. It’s my first time since 2005, to go six months without being admitted as [an] inpatient. It’s a miracle and everyone in my neighborhood asked me what happened.” Antoinette said her answer is easy, “the best treatment for diabetes is knowledge of a healthy diet.”