Why Invest in VHW

Impact: Proven, Effective Strategies

“There are lots of ways to make a difference. I’m a VHW supporter because, just like your investment portfolio should be diversified, I want to support a variety of causes that are creating positive change in the world. I invest in VHW’s work because it’s effective and scalable. We’re saving lives everyday. We’re proving that – even in one of the poorest places on earth – with collaboration and compassion we can lift up an entire community.” - Paul English, Co-founder, KAYAK.com & VHW Board Member

The merits of delivering a narrowly prescribed set of prevention interventions deemed “cost effective” (ie., vaccinations and oral rehydration solution) and that of high quality health care that includes treatment of disease and its root causes have been long debated in public health. VHW incorporates both in the design and execution of our cost effective programs. VHW's comprehensive programs address health promotion, disease prevention and the care and treatment of medical conditions and are driven by community priorities.

We have demonstrated efficient and effective clinical care through our use of the community health worker model pioneered by our sister organization Partners In Health. Further, we manage the treatment of childhood illness through the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness strategy.

Read Joseph’s story, an abandoned child who was restored to health.

A Comprehensive Approach

Where there’s health, there is hope. Providing quality health care is the starting point for building a successful society – and with that foundation, we can address other critical needs like food security and nutrition, education and economic development.

The combined effect of poverty and disease decimates key infrastructure and industries, ruins the social fabric of communities, and threatens political stability. Early death and chronic disability from preventable diseases kills economic productivity. High rates of infant and child mortality make family planning impossible. And the economic costs of preventable disease are staggeringly high.

Conversely, breakthroughs in public health and improved nutritional intake support economic growth in places like Europe, Asia, and North America. At Village Health Works, we are facilitating these same outcomes by effectively addressing the health needs in Kigutu and its surrounding communities.

The Overwhelming Need

In our interconnected world, human misery has no geographic boundary. Suffering in any part of the world does have a substantial impact on others. At VHW we choose to be conscious of that impact, and we realize that alleviating the suffering of other human beings and its causes is everyone's responsibility. In 2006, the World Bank ranked Burundi as the poorest country on earth; today, it remains amongst the poorest three; according to UNICEF, its health statistics are among the worst in the world. The basic needs in Burundi are tremendous and are a matter of life and death. Your support can help break the cycle of despair and bring hope and vitality back to the people of this region.